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3 Use Cases for the Digital Learning and Maturity Test

The digital learning and maturity test has a number of different uses. Here we will tell you about three of them.

To begin with, it is important to understand that measuring digital maturity from 0-100% is only part of the test and that an equally important part is the learning that occurs when using the test. See for example the image below that shows how tips are coming up during the test. These tips are collected on the results page after the test has been completed.

Use cases for Group and Business Tests

Group and Business Tests, that are paid services, is a development of the Single Test where many people respond to the test and further functionality has evolved. This means that:

Here are some common user situations

  1. Speaking sessions: The test is conducted before the lecture and the result is analyzed and presented as part of or becomes the entire lecture. The result also gives good input to what strengths and weaknesses they perceive in the audience and are helpful for what content you create.
  2. Workshop: The workshop leader goes after intro through the test together with the participants where the questions are discussed and the participants respond individually, where the group can then see the results with the company’s DMI and where the group is more and less agreed. A good exercise with a management team!
  3. Business analysis and a common ground: An important basis for digital transformation is to have a common ground on where the business is today. In this use case tests are done at different departments and then an analysis is made and differences and similarities can be seen within a group, eg. within the management or at the marketing department, or between different groups, such as management, middle managers and employees or between different departments.

ExampleThe test questionnaire with tips   (the link leads to the real test)
ExampleGroup and Business Test Results.
CaseHow the maturity test gave SAS a starting point and a greater common understanding

See the presentation below for illustrated examples of the three use cases.

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