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About your operations

1. Are you taking the test based on an existing organisation, or are you just trying it out and giving fictitious answers?

You are of course welcome to do either, but the collected data will be used differently depending on why you are taking the test.

I want to find out the digital maturity of an existing organisation and access recommendations

I want to try the test out to find out more

2. Do you have an ID for the test? If so, please enter it here. (Note: This is not the same as the code in the book.)

We use the ID so that we can find your maturity test more easily. Before a conference or workshop, you will sometimes be given a code.

3. First of all, we need to a know a bit about your organisation.

The answers to these questions are important for developing the methodology in the areas where you and others show the greatest interest, and it also makes it possible to monitor the digital maturity shown by different markets. We will NEVER publish the information you enter in any other way than anonymously and in aggregated form.

4. What is your company/organisation’s registered number?

This will help us put the company in the right category, so that we can output good comparative data.

6. What kind of customers/target groups does your organisation have?

Private individuals (B2C)

Businesses (B2B)

Both businesses and private individuals


7. What is your organisation’s primary offering?

A physical product (e.g. shoe sales, car sales, grocery retail)

A physical service (e.g. hairdressing, car servicing, advice, travel)

A digital service (e.g. websites, software, apps)

A content-based media product (e.g. newspaper/magazine, TV channel, news site)


8. What is your organisation’s total turnover?

0-500,000 euro

0.5-2 million euro

2-10 million euro

10-50 million euro

More than 50 million euro

9. How many employees are there in your organisation?

1 employee

2-10 employees

11-50 employees

51-250 employees

More than 250 employees

10. How old is the organisation?

0-5 years

6-10 years

11-25 years

26-50 years

More than 50 years

12. What is your main role?


Board member


Digital Director (Chief Digital Officer or similar)

IT Manager

Marketing Director (Head of Communication or similar)

Sales Manager

HR Manager

Other senior management position
Other position

Advisor to the organisation


13. Is it easy to clearly and correctly define the sector your organisation operates in?

For example, in terms of who your competitors are

No, it is very difficult Yes, it is very easy

14. Have the needs and behaviours of your target groups changed much as a result of digitalization?

No, not much at all Yes, very much

15. Have your revenues and earnings changed much as a result of digitalization?

No, not much at all Yes, very much