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This is where you find various materials from which you will gain insight and inspiration for your digital transformation. Read about Schibsted's strategy work, do an exercise on vision, or read about Harvard Professor John Kotter and why he believes Facebook and Google will cease to exist. Some of the material can only be accessed with a code, which you receive when you buy the book. Other materials are open for everyone.



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  • Mobilization phase (phase 1)
  • Coordination phase (phase 2)
  • Acceleration phase (phase 3)



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  • Strategy work
  • Organization
  • Processes
  • Infrastructure
  • Data & Analysis
  • Value proposition & Revenue model
  • Touchpoints
  • Relationships

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Panel discussion: Digital Transformation in global organizations

VIDEO: Panel discussion about the specific opportunities and challenges that comes with being global. By DigJourney

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Magnus Kull: Great leaders realize that human growth will lead to business growth

VIDEO: Magnus Kulls three tips for leading digital transformation and how great leaders think and act.
By DigJourney

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Jan Artem Henriksson: To change people's mindsets is about personal transformation

VIDEO: Jan Artem Henriksson, SelfLeaders, about seeing personal transformation as a vehicle to transform companies and what happens if we let our interior and private life be part of our work. By DigJourney

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Ulrika Jonsson about Microsofts transformation towards the cloud

VIDEO: Ulrika Jonsson, Microsoft: We are moving from a "know it all"-culture to a "learn it all"-culture.
By DigJourney.

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Gabriella Grusell – Leaders must understand their own emotions

VIDEO: Gabriella Grusell about how leaders need to be aware of themselves and their feelings and choose whom they want to be in different situations.
By DigJourney

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Annelie Nässén on how to lead digital transformation

VIDEO: Annelie Nässén, SAS, on how to lead digital transformation and about the particular challenges it involves being an international player to be transformed. By DigJourney.

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Jonas Jonsson on digital transformation from a HR perspective

VIDEO: Jonas Jonsson lifts the people perspective in transformation: among several how we as individual might feel and how leader can make it easier for co-workers to join the transformation. By DigJourney

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Caroline Stiernstedt Sahlborn presents five super skills to better cope with today's society

VIDEO: Caroline Stiernstedt Sahlborn on the five super skills that we as individuals need to be able to better cope with today's complex world. By DigJourney

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Three tips from Sarah Scheller on how to succeed as a leader in digital transformation

VIDEO: Sarah Schellers three tips for leaders in digital transformation: 1. Reflect 2. Build a strong team 3. Learn from others and make sure to check out other industries. By DigJourney

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The basics of artificial intelligence for companies

Guide: The basics of artificial intelligence for companies Purpose: Understand what artificial intelligence is, its history and application areas for companies and organizations.

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Three ways to develop your value proposition with the help of digitalization

Article and Exercise: Three ways to develop your value proposition with the help of digitalization. By DigJourney.

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Our digital future: What skills are required?

VIDEO: Interviews regarding what skills will be rewarded in future working life. By McKinsey.

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