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Ulrika Jonsson about Microsofts transformation towards the cloud

Who: An interview with Ulrika Jonsson, Director Business Development Digital HR at Microsoft AB. Ulrika has a long career within HR, whereof the last 4 years at Microsoft. In her current role, Ulrika help customers in driving digital change from a people-perspective and in building an innovative and digital employee experience that attract future talents, empower employees and drive growth
What: About Microsoft’s journey from software licenses to the cloud and what is particularly challenging for an international company in regards to digital transformation
Content providerDigJourney, interview conducted by Johan Forsberg in connection with the seminar Digital Transformation in global organizations on #TransformationDay the 23rd of April 2018.

We are moving from a “know it all”-culture to a “learn it all”-culture
– Ulrika Jonsson, Microsoft


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